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Título : Immunogold Staining Procedure for the Localisation of Regulatory Peptides
Autor : Varndell, I.M.
Tapia, Félix J.
Probert, L.
Buchan, A. M. J.
Gu, Jiang
De Mey, J.
Bloom, S. R.
Polak, J. M.
Palabras clave : lmmunogold staining methods
Regulatory peptides
Light microscopy
Electron microscopy
Protein A-gold
Molecular forms
P-type heterogeneity
Fecha de publicación : 1982
Editorial : Peptides
Citación : Vol. 3;Nº 3 pp. 259-272
Resumen : The use of protein A- and IgG-conjugated colloidal gold staining methods for the immuno-localisation of peptide hormones and neurotransmitters at light - and electron microscope level are described and discussed. Bright-field and dark-ground illumination modes have been used to visualise the gold-labelled antigenic sites at the light microscope level. Immunogold staining procedures at the ultrastructural level using region-specific antisera have been adopted to localise specific molecular forms of peptides including gastrin (G17 and G34), glucagon and pro-glucagon, insulin and pro-insulin, in normal tissue and in tumours of the gastroenteropancreatic system. Similar methods have been used to demonstrate the heterogeneity of p-type nerves in the enteric nervous system. Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) has been localised to granular sites (mean±S.D. granule diameter=98 ± 19 nm) in nerve terminals of the enteric plexuses and in tumour cells of diarrhoeogenic VIP•producing neoplasias (mean ±S.D granule diameter=126 ± 37 nm) using immunogold procedures applied to ultraviolet-cured ultrathin sections. Co-localisation of amines and peptides in carotid body type I cells and in chromaffin cells of normal adrenal medulla and phaeochromocytomas has also been demonstrated. Advantages of the immunogold procedures over alternative immunocytochemical techniques are discussed.
ISSN : 0196-9781
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