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Título : Gonadotrophin-releasing hormone immunoreactivity in the brain of the tropical freshwater fish, pygocentrus notatus (Teleostei-Characidae)
Autor : Cáceres-Dittmar, G.
Tapia, Félix J.
Guerrero, Hilda
Paiva, C.L.
Marcano, D.
Palabras clave : Hypothalamus
GnRH Immunoreactivity
Brain Teleostei
Fecha de publicación : Jan-1993
Editorial : Histol Histopathol
Citación : Vol. 8;NO.1
Resumen : The distribution of GnRH in the brain of the teleost Pygocentrus notatus was demonstrated with the avidin-biotin peroxidase immunocytochemical method using highly specific antibody against synthetic mammalian GnRH. Optimal immunoreactions was obtained using: 1) Bouin's fluid for fixation; 2) repeated incubation with primary antiserum; 3) the use of a detergent in the dilution buffer; 4) the high sensitivity of the avidin-biotin immunoperoxidase method with the cobalt intensification of 3-3' diaminobenzidine tetrahydrochloride; and 5) the use of primary antibody with high specificity. GnRH-immunoreactive (GnRH-ir) in cells and/or axons was observed in all main brain regions. In the forebrain, GnRH-ir was located in a network extending from the caudal part of the olfactory bulb to the telencephalon. GnRH-ir fibres were also observed in the optic tectum, cerebellum and hypothalamus. Two groups of neuronal cell bodies were identified. One group was located in the antero-ventral telencephalon corresponding to the nucleus olfactoretinalis. The second group was found in the rostrodorsal hypothalamus. No GnRH-ir material was detected in the pituitary gland, thus confirming the results of previous studies on brain GnRH-ir distribution obtained by radioimmunoanalysis in this species. These results demonstrate a high degree of similarity between the GnRH systems of P. notatus and other teleost species.
ISSN : 1699-5848
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